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Nisiotissa ( The islander ) Glossa Traditional Sweets Products

Skopelos Glossa Local Products Sweets Shop

Eleni Polychroniou, Skopelos Glossa village, 37003

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Tel: 00302424034350
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In Skopelos and Glossa village, on the main paved road near the area of Louki, you will meet the family business "Nisiotissa . The islander".

With respect and love for the tradition, with main ingredients the passion for the true traditional recipes, the pure ingredients and the experience in creating quality products, both the sweets and the pies of Nisiotissa are in the first choices of your taste.

What we offer:

The traditional sweet Avgato with Skopelos plums, named like that ( Avgo in Greek means Egg ) because of its shape, as it looks like an egg.

The amigdalota, hamalia and rozedes, delicious local sweets that are also offered at weddings and during the holidays made with almonds of our own production as the main ingredient.

The almond sweet, the first sweet that is offered to the groom in Skopelos Weddings.

The wonderful dessert with fruit produced by us without preservatives

The traditional cakes and sweets such as baklava, kadaifi, galaktoboureko and many more

We produce our own handmade ice cream in various classic and traditional flavors.

In our workshop - shop you will find various pastries of our own production such as delicious Tsoureki Greek sweet bread with the grandmother's recipe, delicious cookies, crackers and more

We make our own handmade liqueur with local fruits in a wide variety.

We have Skopelos local honey of our own family production.

Also the unbeatable Skopelos cheese pie with cheese by goat, local cheese as well as the green pie, onion pie, milk pie, pumpkin pie.

We make various salads in jars, Kritama the crithmum critmum maritimum that grow on our shores by the sea, the tsitsirafla (wild peanut) and of course the olives, all rich in vitamins.

It is worth visiting us, to try our traditional delicacies. Is our pleasure to serve you.

We can also mail you many of our products.

In addition, we undertake weddings, baptisms.

At your disposal

Yours sincerely

Mrs. Eleni Polychroniou

Skopelos island, Glossa Village

Nisiotissa ( The islander )

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