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Optic Stores Mitromaras

Skopelos Optic Stores

Mitromaras Optic Stores, Ms Loukia Loukidou, Optician - Optometrist, Skopelos Chora, Delitsikou (Platanos)

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The OPTIC STORES MITROMARAS chain of stores has more than 30 years of experience in the field of optics with 5 stores in Athens, Volos, Skopelos, Almyros and Aliartos.

We have a wide range of vision frames and sunglasses  of the largest European and International companies as well as advanced technology ophthalmic lenses of the most well-known companies of the type (ESSILOR, ZEISS, HOYA, NIKKON, TOKAI) and specializing in multifocal lenses.

In our stores we also have a special Children's Department for both Sunglasses and vision frames with specialized staff, as well as a Special Department for Counseling and Contact Lens Application.

Our products meet European Union standards.

Our know-how and our experienced staff are at the disposal of our customers to meet all the needs of vision and to offer the best quality at the best price.

Vision Glasses

Vision Frames


Special Children's Department


Contracted with all insurance funds and cooperatives.

All credit cards accepted. 


Delitsikou Sq (Platanos), Tel: 00302424022625


Omirou 4, Stoa Lemou, Tel: 00302103257277


Zachou & Mitr.  (OLD CITY Shopping Center), Tel: 00302421022263


Myrmidonon 3, Tel: 00302422100133

Aliartos of Boeotia

31 Athinon Ave., Tel: 00302268029453

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