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Riginos V Patsis Store

Local Business Shop

Riginos V. Patsis, Skopelos Chora, 37003, Greece

Verified owner
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Tel: 00302424023188
Tel: 00302424024388


Shop Name : Riginos V. Patsis Location : Skopelos Our shop is located on the ring road of Skopelos , just above the village , at a distance of 0.5 km from the port .

The total area occupied by the store is 1350 sqm . Ambition and our goal was and still remains , the creation of a quality and functional space that includes all those products that are useful and of construction and equipment of buildings and homes and beyond.

With a visit to our store you will find that our prices are very good and have no difference from the central mainland cities .

We hope that our effort to be reciprocated and at neighboring areas such as Skiathos and Alonnisos .

Products : Riginos V. Patsis | Location : Skopelos

Imports of products made by large factories in Italy as :

Tiles Sanitary Faucets Bathroom accessories Furniture Kitchen

We also have :

Supplies of heating ( boilers with Deutsche Buderus, cast iron boilers Italian SIME) and radiators ( German and Austrian Buderus Water LEMBACH)

Boilers steel and atomic units ( steel - cast iron )

Stainless solar water heaters ( Maltese ) and solar water heaters ( Helioakmi )

Air cooling and heating FUNAI YUETU

Electrical equipment ( switches sockets , etc )

Electrical appliances ( TVs , video, DVD, audio etc PHILIPS, FUNAI)


Thermopombus NOBO Norway

’ Gymnastics

Paints , varnishes , plastics Acrylic (PROMOT, CHROTEX , ER-LAK, BERLING, VIVECHROM , VITEX)

Color mixing system (BERLING, CHROTEX )

Agricultural tools ( mowers HUSQVARNA, EFCO, KAWASAKI, MITSUBISHI, HUSQVARNA chainsaw garden tools and automatic watering)

Generators (MITSUBISHI, HONDA) oil and gasoline.

Professional power tools (BOSCH, DEWALT, BLACK and DECKER, PEUGEOT, KRESS)

Large variety of hand tools ( pliers , screwdrivers , etc. , KNIPEX, WURTH, STABILA, STANLEY, PALMERA, ELORA) and a wide variety of different screws)

Hardware ( knobs , handles, grylochera ) companies MANDELLI, VIOMETALE

Marines ( ropes , accessories INOX , INOX padlocks etc )

Large variety of instant adhesives , epoxy , wood glues , silicones , etc. The company BISON)

Still have cementitious materials for repairs and waterproofing , concrete and mortar admixtures , sealants , fiberglass , construction adhesives.


Following the ring road of Skopelos will find our store just up the road at a distance of 0.5 km from the port .

There is ample space for parking .

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