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60 YEARS OF TRADITIONAL CUISINE. This year we are celebrating 60 years as a restaurant serving traditional Greek cuisine.

These six decades of gastronomic heritage are prepared with the same artistry in our kitchen so that our friends can enjoy them.

If you love truly good food, we invite you to try unique home recipes and good wines.

This year, as Agnanti celebrates, you will have the opportunity to sample dishes prepared specially for our 60th anniversary.


Who really wouldn’t long to try braised veal with delicious home-made pasta?

Who wouldn’t love a plate of slow-cooked pork shoulder with colorful peppers, flavoursome spices and local Skopelos prunes?

And who wouldn’t want to try a rich salad with succulent red tomatoes from our vegetable garden, crushed black olives from the nearby olive groves, tasty barrel feta, authentic virgin oil and warm bread, baked in a wood-fired oven?

Flavours traditional and forgotten, but which everyone loves. Home-made, traditional, local recipes, many of which have been handed down to us by our grandmothers, and which we still prepare at Agnanti. Old recipes and newer ones, using the most genuine and flavourful of ingredients.

We invite you to enjoy this gastronomic legacy with us.

We invite you to Agnanti!


My name is Nikos Stamatakis, and I am the owner-manager of Agnanti Restaurant. Thank you for visiting our webpage and being interested in us.

Before I tell you a little about Agnanti, I would like to invite you to come and meet us personally and give us the opportunity to indulge your palate and senses. I will welcome you personally and be very happy to guide you through the beautiful flavours we have prepared for you.

AGNANTI: A savoury landscape!

Agnanti is a traditional island restaurant in Glossa, on enchanting Skopelos. Faithful to authentic Greek cuisine, we offer carefully prepared dishes with our own family recipes, old and new, that we have been following with affection for many decades.

Agnanti is situated in a unique location that commands a wonderful view of the Sporadic archipelagos. From our high veranda, under the cool vine-arbour, one’s gaze reaches Evia and Skiathos.

As we take in the wonderful natural beauty of this boundless seascape, our other senses are stimulated by the fragrances of the kitchen and the flavours of the appetizers and entrees.

We love this place. And we invite you to love it as well.

Come and drink a glass of wine, ouzo, tsikoudia with us. We will prepare for you dishes that have touched many souls.

As you leave, we are confident that you will take away with you the most delicious flavours of Agnanti.

Nikos Stamatakis


This gastronomic journey began in 1953 in the picturesque amphitheatrical village of Glossa, on Skopelos. That year, grandmother Aglaia Stamataki and her son Nikos (grandfather of the present owner) set up a tavern that they named “Gallia” (France), to appeal to the few French tourists who visited the island at that time.

In 1985, the little taverna changed its name and was rebaptized “Agnanti” (meaning “view”),  to reflect its beautiful aspect over the Aegean. It was around that time that Agnanti passed into the hands of the children of grandfather Nikos: Stamatis and Mahoula Stamatakis. With their wonderful, well-prepared

recipes, Agnanti immediately made an impression and gained a great reputation on the island.

Their son, Nikos, knew no other life when growing up, other than Agnanti. He helped out doing little chores and entered at a very young age into the world of the magical flavours his parents created. From an early age Nikos decided that he, too, wanted to devote himself to Agnanti.

The dream became a reality and Nikos has now taken on the running of Agnanti. Handed from generation to generation, Nikos feels that Agnanti is a wonderful inheritance.

Honouring family tradition, he has further developed Agnanti, putting his own gastronomical stamp on today’s restaurant. And so it is that little tavern that opened in 1953 has today become a great modern restaurant without losing any of its atmosphere and originality.

Everyone who visits Agnanti today becomes a faithful friend. And it is these friends who, with their love and patronage, continue to write Agnanti’s history.


Many prominent personalities – Greeks and visitors from abroad – have visited Agnanti over the years, from the worlds of cuisine, arts and letters, cinema, politics and journalism.

“This is the place to meet, greet, and eat in Glossa. The food is inexpensive, the staff friendly, and the view spectacular. The menu is standard taverna style, but the proprietors make a point of using the finest fresh products and wines” – Frommer’s Travel Guides.

“For creative food and sunsets, cross the island to Agnanti, in rustic Glossa” – Christina Nehring, Conde Nast Traveller.

“It is, in this impeccable way at least, the River Cafe of Skopelos. [...] Agnanti is completely different from any other eating establishment on the island and one of the most famous restaurants in the whole Aegean. […] If you come to this beautiful island, then you must come here; to properly taste the flavours

of Skopelos or even just to have a drink on the terrace, which is particularly lovely at sundown.” – Jan Moir, Are you Ready to order, The Daily Telegraph.

“Where to eat/drink: At Agnanti for Skopelos recipes with fresh organic ingredients” – Athens Voice.


1995 – The American Tourism Organization ranked Agnanti as one of the top 40 taverns in the Aegean.

1999 – The Ministry of Agriculture and the European Union approved Agnanti as the only traditional restaurant in Skopelos (LEADER Programme).

2003 – Agnanti is awarded the Thessalian Seal of Quality.

2004 – Agnanti is awarded the Hellenic Seal of Quality.

2013 - Official recommendation of candidacy for the Golden Chef’s Hat or Hellenic Cuisine prize.

2013 – The globally recognized tourist service search engine “Trip Advisor” ranks Agnanti as the No. 1 restaurant in Glossa and among the five best restaurants on Skopelos.


At Agnanti we have an “open communication” policy with our customers and friends. It is always a great pleasure to hear your compliments as well as your observations, suggestions and ideas.

We are even open to proposals for collaboration, employment, event hosting, group meals, etc.

Our address is:


Glossa, Skopelos

PC 37003


Please Check for our phone numbers and email on the top of the page.

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