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Direct Contact

George Arvanitis

Skopelos island Greece, Raches, 37003

MHTE: 0756K123K0396100

Stolios Studios Apartments Skopelos island Greece



There should be a better guesthouse somewhere.

In a more beautiful location.

With a more impressive goddess.

Furnished and Decorated with the finest taste.

Equipped with more attention to the needs of the guests.


You will find us on the hill above the right edge of the port 4km from the port following the ring road and 1500m walking through the picturesque streets of Skopelos Chora.

We will give you……..

The opportunity to enjoy the unique beauties of Skopelos all year round in our independent self-catering apartments…..

We will be very happy to meet you and get to know Stolios a little Paradise in beautiful Skopelos.

Peace and harmony at a glance.

Marriage of Sky and sea.

The view fascinates, blue as far as the eye can see and even further, colors and scents, the terrestrial parts of the landscape, the eyes are moistened by the beauty and the spirit goes away rejoicing and harmonizing with the ceaseless music of the universe.

Very quickly the rhythms of stress calm down and what remains is the absolute harmony of the outside with the inside, calm, true meaning of life

You will definitely want to please the lord of the universe.

Στόλιος τοποθεσία Χάρτης . Stolios location map

Situated at a distance of 3.6 Km from the port, it is at a small driving distance from most of the island’s nice beaches and worth seeing places. In all cases a car is recommended. Free parking is available

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