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2 Bedrooms     2 Bathrooms     Wifi     Kitchen     Air Conditioning

Oneiro Cottage



Direct Contact

Ms Anna Polizou

Skopelos Island, Old Klima Village , 37003

AMA: 00001203132

Oneiro Country House Old Klima Village Skopelos island Greece

Oneiro Cottage is located in PALIO ( Old ) KLIMA a traditional village on the island of Skopelos. It is located in the neighborhood below the Old School of the settlement. The road in our neighborhood reaches a few meters from the house where there is a spacious parking space.

Located in a beautiful and quiet location on our island, Oneiro Cottage is the right choice if you are looking for a relaxing holiday in harmony with nature.

Enjoy the private terrace overlooking the sea horizon and watching the colors wash away as the sun sets.

It can accommodate from 2 to 5 people.

The house has a bedroom on the ground floor , a bedroom in the attic and 2 bathrooms,.

The large outdoor lounge is a great place to relax with family or friends after a day of exploring the sites of our island.

The kitchen in the same area is fully equipped with high quality appliances and utensils.

The comfortable loft also offers a small work area.

Although the house has been upgraded to meet all the modern requirements of the visitors, the spaces of the house are beautifully combined with traditional features of architecture and decoration, so that the feeling of the island fills your daily life.

Palio ( Old ) Klima is one of the most picturesque villages of our island, the entry of cars is prohibited in the settlement with a few exceptions.

This means that in Palio Klima you can enjoy moments of relaxation and quiet at any time.

The house is easily accessible and has a beautiful view to the south and west, to the island of Dassia and the green forest of our island.

Our picturesque village for the time being has only houses so restaurants, cafe bars, mini markets, bakery etc are located in Glossa, Loutraki, Neo Klima, Panormos and Skopelos Chora.

There is a bus stop on the main road at the entrance to the village.

Εξοχικό σπίτι Όνειρο στο Παλαιό Κλήμα Σκοπέλου Χάρτης Τοποθεσία . Oneiro Cottage Old Klima Village Skopelos Map Location


Palio Old Klima village - Glossa: 3.2 km

Palio Old Klima - Loutraki: 6.4 km

Palio Old Klima - New Klima: 3.0 km

Palio Klima - Skopelos Chora: 18 - 24 km (depending on the route)

Nearby Beaches Armenopetra: 2 km, Chovolo: 3.8 km, Kastani: 8.6 Panormos: 9.8 km, Perivoliou 7.6 km

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