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Skopelos Village Hotel



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Skopelos Village Hotel

Skopelos island Greeve, Skopelos Chora Ampeliki, 37 003

MHTE: 0726Κ034Α0148400

1. "This year Easter becomes dreamy in the heavenly Skopelos. We are waiting for you away from the routine of everyday life, where the unique images lead to the ultimate mental relaxation. "

2. There are active offers for early booking

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Skopelos Village Hotel Skopelos island Greece

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The Skopelos Village Hotel

Skopelos Village Suite Hotel is located in Skopelos island where the green forests meet the blue Aegean Sea.

Skopelos Village Hotel 4 Stars

The Skopelos Village hotel complex is located right where the green forests meet the crystal clear blue sea, where the natural beauty of Skopelos is reflected on the water of the Aegean Sea..

Skopelos Village invites you to relax and travel through the scents of jasmine, honeysuckle and lavender, which are emitted by the green trees of the island.

Experience the most relaxing holidays in a unique heaven of hospitality just like the leading stars of the award-winning musical Mamma Mia!

About Us

For 30 years now, since our grandfather Christos’ time until today, the goal of Skopelos Village has been only one. To provide its guests with high quality services but at the same time never lose the smile and the warmth of a family business.

That’s why all these years we pursue to establish a personal relationship with the travelers who chose to stay at our hotel. We strive to satisfy their every need with great care and eagerness. We believe that our visitors are not just customers, but guests visiting our home and the beautiful island of Skopelos.


Going on holidays has a different meaning for every person. Others seek total relaxation away from any tension and anxiety, while others seek new experiences and adventures even though they are on vacation.

Since not all people are the same, Skopelos Village offers a full range of facilities, specially designed to meet everyones holiday needs and wants. Whatever your preferences are, our staff promises to do anything to provide you with a memorable stay on the island of Skopelos from the moment you set foot on the island until that sad moment you leave the hotel.


Choose amongst our various room types and prepare for a unique experience at Skopelos Village!

Bar-Restaurant Agioli

The sea in front of you!

The basic principle of all Skopelos Village employees is to create the ideal conditions for our guests to enjoy a comfortable, pleasant and carefree stay. The people at the Agioli restaurant have yet another goal: to make your stay even more delightful!

The premises of the famous Agioli restaurant, sitting at the most prominent location of Skopelos Village right next to the sea and across the town of Skopelos, will leave you speechless. Agioli is open daily from the morning hours till late at night, offering unforgettable idyllic moments. Here the excellent service is combined with remarkable flavors and the unique sea views!

This peaceful and unique setting is perfectly complemented by our favorite recipes prepared daily in the restaurant for you. Enjoy Skopelitian delicacies and traditional Greek dishes that transform and surprise you with their unique taste, made with fresh, quality ingredients and a great passion to amaze you. The beginning for an exciting day or the end of a long day can always take place at the kitchen of the Agioli Restaurant, where fine wines and Mediterranean flavors blend perfectly with the unique colors of the landscape ... Enjoy breakfast or dinner by the sea and experience the magic of Skopelos!

Opening Hours:

  08.00 – 11.00 Breakfast

  11.30 – 18:00 Light Meals – Bar

  19:00 – 00:30 Bar – restaurant

Swimming Pools

Dive in relaxation!

Picture This:

  Summer morning

  Comfortable sunbeds

  Refreshing fruit juice from the bar

  And the inviting clear waters of our pools!

Time for sunbathing and swimming in the pool!

Overlooking the picturesque Skopelos town and the sea, release the tension from your mind and body, lie on the comfortable sunbeds and forget all your worries in one of Skopelos Village’s pools. Feel free and indulge yourselves in a relaxing enjoyable holiday.

Linda’s Massage - Harmonize and balance your body

Whether you will need to relieve your muscle tension, stimulate your senses, rejuvenate your body or simply relax Linda will personalize your massage to your individual wants.

Linda is a highly qualified and award winning Personal Trainer, Pilates/ Yoga instructor and Dance Teacher. She won the UK instructor of the Year award and is featured in the book “The Best of British Women”. Linda works and lives in the Cayman Islands and owns a penthouse at Skopelos Village where she spends her summers.

  Her love of the body led her to acquire her qualifications in Body Massage, Hot Stones Therapy and Aromatherapy in Cayman and the UK.

She offers a 5 star service where personal care and nurturing awaits every guest.

  Each treatment is tailor-made to your needs as a full consultation is given prior to each treatment for a unique and invigorating experience.

Children Area

  Small joyful moments!

This is the reason we in Skopelos Village say that we cater for the needs of all, both younger and older! In our hotel there is a playground for the little ones, with safe toys, where they can play, make friends and enjoy themselves to the fullest, while still being next to their parents, who can enjoy relaxing moments by the pool!

At Skopelos Village we keep everyone happy and offer memorable and truly carefree moments to both the little ones and their parents!


Your wedding… is our priority!

A wedding day is a special moment in every person’s life, a moment that remains indelible as time goes by. This is why it should be perfectly suited to the needs and dreams of each couple and have all the elements that will make them feel happy and unique. Skopelos Village, has great experience in organizing weddings and thus can undertake the responsibility to organize the perfect wedding meeting all your needs, making sure you stay completely satisfied. We know how important it is to have the perfect wedding, so we do not settle for anything less than perfection!

The Aegean colors of Skopelos, the clear blue waters, the lush vegetation and picturesque white houses are the perfect background for an elegant and ambient wedding. Enjoy your wedding reception by the sea, celebrate with your loved ones, taste the finest food and have fun with live music and dancing! Let the staff at Skopelos Village spoil you with the extra amenities offered in one of the suites of the complex and spend your first moments as a married couple in the most idyllic way!

Your wish for a fairytale wedding is an easy task for the staff of Skopelos Village. You can count on us!

Σκοπελίτικο χωριό τοποθεσία χάρτης . Skopelos village location map

Offering an ideal environment for relaxation and tranquility just 600 meters from the harbor, with breathtaking views of the sea and the picturesque mainland houses.

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