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Skopelos Weddings, perhaps you will be the next couple that you will want to get married on the island . Skopelos ( as Skiathos and Alonissos ) are like the rest of the Aegean islands , a favorite place for many couples that wish to get married in one of the magnificent churches of the island ( and there are so many and beautiful).

After Mamma mia movie even more visitors from abroad choose to get married on the island , while dream their own cinematic fairytale wedding under the bright summer sun .

So many couples decide to get married either religious or civil ceremony in Skopelos , combining the ceremony with holiday both for themselves and for their guests . Many people especially from abroad choose to renew their vows just their marriages !

Wedding ceremonies by the sea seems to be an ideal choice for foreign couples . For this reason many politicians Marriages are made in locations such Agnontas Panormos , Kastani , Ms. Milia . Religious marriages are made in every church on the island , with most favorite choice of most of the Panayitsa Tower or any of the four parishes of the island or another church .

Those who choose civil marriage marry either in the picturesque town hall or on a beach or other location for pictures and visiting beautiful places on the island as eg St. John ( Agios Ioannis sto Kastri), the Amarantos Agnondas , churches and other wonderful parts of the island on a background of turquoise waters and sunsets .

For receptions couples choose some of the picturesque taverns or restaurants , or even in hotel restaurants .

So many are those who are enchanted by the excellent pictures of the island and wanted to join their lives near the dreamy shores.

In recent years many couples choose to celebrate their wedding in the period after Easter and May, June or September as the cost is lower and the islands are quieter .

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