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MUSEUMS ON SKOPELOS. Skopelos has a rich cultural heritage and folk culture. The areas where you can come into contact with and marvel at folk tradition of the island are the Folklore Museum in Chora of Skopelos, the Vakratsa mansion and the house of Skopelos writer Pavlos Nirvanas –which will soon open as a museum.

Also, it is worth mentioning that there is a Folklore but also a Nautical Museum in Glossa.

As far as the archeological site of Asklipieio is concerned, although it is considered one of the oldest in the Aegean area, in fact only one area has been created where a small number of finds are exhibited for visitors.

Σκόπελος Λαογραφικό μουσείο Σκοπέλου

The Skopelos Folklore Museum, where physical evidence of the land are found, was founded with an aim to project the cultural richness of the island and create a spiritual core equal to the traditions and its history.

The Vakratsas mansion is in the centre of Chora, a little way from the beach. It is a typical example of a Skopelos mansion and it used to be owned by Antigoni Vaktratsas, who donated it to the Municipality of Skopelos, so that it could become a museum.

Σκόπελος παλιό αρχοντικό Βακράτσα
Σκόπελος μουσείο Παύλου Νιρβάνα

HISTORY MUSEUM OF SKOPELOS. An important modern monument in Magnissia, the Nirvanas house on Skopelos, is reborn an it is soon to open its doors to the public. 

It is a two-storey traditional house, where the visitor will get the chance to see the traditional costumes of the island, items of every day use, furniture, as well as how the inside of traditional houses in the village was formed and decorated.

Σκόπελος Λαογραφικό Μουσείο Γλώσσας
Σκόπελος Πεπάρηθος Ασκληπιείο

Among the important sanctuaries of the town of Peparithos is its Asclepieion, is located on the south-east side of the gulf of Skopelos, at the area “Livadi - Ampeliki” (opossite Skopelos Chora), which was identified due to the finding of an inscribed oblation base, dedicated to Asclepius .

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