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Σκόπελος ιστορία του νησιού μα
Σκόπελος ιστορία Πεπάρηθος



Σκόπελος Πεπάρηθος ξίφος Στάφυλου
Σκόπελος Πεπάρηθος αρχαίο νόμισμα

The ancient name of the island of Skopelos was Peparithos, from the name of Peparithos ( Peparethos ), brother of Stafylos, its first resident. This name is also mentioned in Thucydides.

The island also participates in Olympic games. Indeed, in 569 BC, Agnon, an athlete from Peparithos, won in the event of stadio (race), and to honour him, the Bay of Agnontas was given his name.

αρχαίο νόμισμα Πεπαρήθου Σκόπελος
Σκόπελος ιστορία νόμισμα δελφίνια Σταφύλι

 In late Classical and Hellenistic times, Peparithos cuts copper coins and it seems that the trading of wine –the famous peparithos wine- is still prospering.

Following the Takeover of Constantinople by the Franks, the island was conquered by Venetians and it became part of the Naxos Dukedom. Then it was taken over by the Imperial House of the Gizis up to 1276, a date when Skopelos comes back under Byzantium.

Σκόπελος Βυζαντινοί χρόνοι ιστορία εικόνα
Σκόπελος νεότερη ιστορία καμάρα παλιό λιμάνι

The island portrayed a severe separation among social classes. The ruling class were the large landowners and the shipowners of the island The largest part of the population was made up of small-scale farmers, workers and sailors.

Historical Monuments

The historical monuments on Skopelos are several, but they are not as organized as they should be. You can, however, combine beautiful walks with a search for these areas, such as for example the carved graves in Sentoukia, in the area Karya internally on the island.

Historical monuments

In summary, the most important historical monuments on Skopelos.


Stafylos is also an extremely important archaeological site, as here there is saved the most ancient to date evidence of population on the island, which date back to the Mycenaean era.


Among the important sanctuaries of the city of Peparithos is its Asclepieion, on the southeast side of the gulf of Skopelos. There is a small museum in the area (Museum section)

Sedoukia Graves

The carved graves in Sentoukia ( Sedoukia ). 

Venetian Castle

The Venetian Castle of Skopelos. The Venetian castle of Skopelos -of which only the remains of the wall are saved to date- is in the area of the oldest settlement on the island, Peparithos.

Episkope of Skopelos

The Episkope of Skopelos. It was founded at the end of the 16th century - beginning of the 17th.

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