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Let us know what things you can do on the island during your visit .


We hope that more activities will become available at the island .

Σκόπελος Αιγαίο Ελλάδα ιστιοπλοϊα
Σκόπελος ζωγραφική καλλιτέχνες
Σκόπελος κολύμπι γλαζοπράσινο Αιγαίο
Σκόπελος καλοκαίρι μπάνιο ηλιοβασίλεμα
Σκόπελος δραστηριότητες στη φύση
Σκόπελος το πράσινο και γαλάζιο νησί
Activities in Skopelos nature

Let's find out what activities you can do on the island during your visit.


Skopelos walks in nature, beautiful hiking trails on the island.

Skopelos action, kayaking, sea kayaking on the island.


Skopelos Stand Up Padding boarding SUP.

Sports venues

Skopelos sports fields on the island, football field, basketball court, etc.


Skopelos diving, diving centers, snorkelling.

Sea sports

Skopelos water sports on the island.

Sailing lessons

Offshore sailing, sailing lessons on the island

Skopelos cycling on the island, cycling routes. On the island there is also Skopelos Cycling business for bicycle rental.

Skopelos sailing on the island but also the enchanting Northern Sporades and the surrounding areas.

Skopelos Walks, nature Skopelos Walks

In Skopelos you can walk on very beautiful paths with naturalistic, religious and historical interest.


There are also organized tours with Heather Parsons taking care of many of our island's trails.

Skopelos Cycling

In Skopelos you can rent bicycles and enjoy beautiful routes of the island.

More information at Skopelos Cycling.


Skopelos Sailings & Anchoring

Sailing in the region of Northern Sporades ( Skiathos Skopelos Alonissos Skyros and Alonnisos Marine Park ) , will surely be a lifetime experience for those like sailing.

The island has a tradition of organising sailing racing National and global ( eg Aegean Regatta) and every year will certainly organized a sailing race with entries from all over Greece and abroad.

Skopelos Divings, snorkeling.

On the island there is a diving center the Skopelos Diving Center. Skopelos Dive Center is located in the port of Skopelos and Adrina beach. The team will do their best to offer you a wonderful diving experience in Skopelos that will be unforgettable. Also with your mask you will admire the crystal clear waters and the underwater magical world of our island.

Sea kayaking Skopelos

Sea kayaking is the perfect way to explore the island of Skopelos


We offer something for everyone from test runs , day trips , vacations and tours with visits to different places every day , trails image sunsets of the island , an amazing way to end the day than watching the sun disappear behind Skiathos with the peace and tranquility on a sea kayaking

Skopelos Water Sports

On the beach of Milia you can do all water sports. There is also the same possibility in Andrines, while on Kastani beach you can rent jet skiing. In Stafylos you will also find several water sports.

Skopelos island Stand Up Paddle boarding S.U.P , Skopelos S.U.P Panormos beach

On Panormos beach you will meet Sporades SUP team. Stand Up Paddle boarding (S.U.P) is quickly becoming a very popular sea activity which offers a fun and relaxing way to explore the island, while playing in the water. Standing upright on a SUP board allows you to enjoy the stunning coastal scenery and have a spectacular and unique view through the crystal clear Aegean sea to the underwater seascape.


Gliding over gentle waves you get the surreal sensation of walking on the water, while watching the fish swim beneath your feet.


Stand Up Paddling in Skopelos can truly provide lifelong memories while training both body and mind with new physical skills. More details: mr Kostas Ntanis

Boat trips

From the island of Skopelos you can make day trips mainly to the beautiful Alonissos and other places. You will find the wooden and other boats and sailboats in the port of Skopelos. Also a wooden boat at New Klima makes excursions to Skiathos and the tour of the island.

Sailing lessons

The Nautical Sailing Swimming Club of Skopelos NIKOS, Founded in 1994, often organizes a triangular sailing school, which operates year-round with students aged 7 and over, teaching them the art of traveling with the wind; to its members to obtain a sailing captain's degree.

Sports in fields

Skopelos has a Municipal football stadium and a track that you can use. It also Skopelos has an indoor basketball gym. There is also a private gym on the island.

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