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Skopelos Suggestions for Good Food Skopelos restaurants , selected restaurants , taverns, recommendations for fine dining in Skopelos. And where to eat ... Food very good in Skopelos

In Skopelos will eat good food cooked in restaurants carefully .We recommend some of them:


Skopelos restaurants, taverns, tavern, restaurant, ouzo and more in Skopelos,

at Limnonari Lemonis Evangelos at Limnonari Tel: 2424022242

at the AGIOLI restaurant at the Skopelos Village hotel | Skopelos Tel: 2424022517

at the ZOUPA restaurant | Skopelos Chora Tel: 2424024494

in Mousses on the coastal road Tel: 2424024414

at Ampeliki on the coastal road Tel: 2424022072

in Terpsis for grill and chicken, | Stafylos Tel: 2424022053

at the restaurant Stafylos |

to Agnontas Pavlos | Agnontas Tel: 2424022409

to Vangelis in Elios | New Klima Tel: 2424024238 | More information

at the Kapetan Spyros restaurant | New Klima, Hovolo Tel: 2424033302

in AKTAION of Prodomos and Stelios | Skopelos Chora Tel: 2424022239

of Alexander in the center of the Chora (just above OTE), | Skopelos Chora

at MOLOS, on the beach of Skopelos (where you will try both traditional and homemade food) | Skopelos Chora Tel: 2424022551

in the KIMATA Waves, | Skopelos Chora old port

in the Kitchen of Kyratsos in the old port, in the restaurant of the Kosmas family Tel: 2424023184

in Nostos | Skopelos Chora Tel: 2424024818

in Finikas | Skopelos Chora | Tel: 2424023247

in Paparithos | Skopelos Chora Tel: 2424023670

in Giannis, (Beltzenitis) in Panormos Tel: 2424024238

in Thomas in Limnonari Tel: 2424024460

as well as many other notable restaurants on the island and ouzo , Gialos 00302424022366 , at Dimitraki , Apolafsis, La tana, Milos,Karidia etc , 00302424022868 Linarakia and other restaurants in the area .

Definitely go to MICHAEL MICHALIS on Skopelos for the best cheese pie .

Very good pizza in international cafe and hand made pies and sweets in Kanela and at Rosemary.

You should definitely book a table in Terspis ( on the way to Staphylos , tel 00302424022053 for booking ) which will test the unique chicken with the secret recipe of the filling and the sauce that comes with it .

And of course do not forget to try pecan pie and avgato , traditional sweets that are juicy plum - is the reputed Skopelitan - plums in light syrup which you will find in many stores in Skopelos eg Kohilis Bros in Skopelos, AMBROSIA ( for donut and not only ) , the Gikas the Skopelitissa , Mrs Lena and many other.

If you eventually find yourself in some of the places that we suggest you liked and tell a good reason for us. if you have any suggestions just send it to us by email.

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