Cosmoshealth Polyclinic Skopelos

Private Polyclinic Diagnostic Center

Asclepieion of Sporades, Skopelos island, 37003 Greece

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ASCLEPIEION of SPORADES is a pioneering primary health care unit providing high-quality health services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, serving both the island’s permanent residents and visitors who choose the beautiful island of Skopelos for their holidays.

The private medical center has excellent doctors of various specialties, as well as state-of-the-art medical equipment, so that everyone can access high-quality medical services.

At ASCLEPIEION of SPORADES, you have the confidence that you will enjoy the best care, whenever you need to visit a doctor, carry out diagnostic tests, therapeutic interventions,  or deal with an emergency. Even in the most demanding cases that need to be taken immediately,  ASCLEPIEION of SPORADES has the solution of emergency air-transportation of the patient with an air-ambulance from the Skopelos heliport,  so that in about one hour he will enter a high-level hospital environment and receive the best possible health care, always with a sense of high professional responsibility, respect, dignity and confidentiality.

In addition, ASCLEPIEION of SPORADES,  gives the possibility of immediate care without charging the patient who has insurance coverage, through cooperation with a network of International Health Insurance Companies and Travel Insurance of foreign tourists.

For any health issue, we will be happy to assist you by answering the phone +302424024500

Special care services

For disabled or people with limited mobility, we perform in patient’s place examinations on 365/7/24 basis, offering emergency care and transportation to/from our facility.

Official Opening hours (Summer schedule valid from 15-05 till 15-09 ):

08:00AM – 21:00PM daily