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Glossiotissa Women Association

Women's Agrotourism Association

Skopelos Glossa Women's Agricultural Association The Glossiotissa . Let's meet this beautiful initiative of Women of Glossa village. About 4,000 years ago , Skopelos was called Peparithos.

On the island there were cities such as Knossos , Panormos and celery reveal the influence of the Minoan civilization. King of Skopelos was Staphylus , son of Ariadne ( daughter of Minos of Crete ) and the god Dionysus.

The island was symbolized by the grape and wine Peparithos was extremely well known in the ancient world.

The ancient Knossos is the current language , picturesque town , built between pine and almond trees , with cobbled streets and beautiful houses with wooden balconies.

The Women's Cooperative Agricultural Glossa association continues the tradition by preparing traditional products from byproducts. wine as grape , molasses , jelly and ritselia but Skopelitian pies and bread

In 1999 , 24 female from Glossa Skopelos decided to unite and establish a women's cooperative in order to manufacture and promotion of local traditional dishes of Skopelos.

It's been years since then, but having driven faith compliance with the quality and authenticity of these women still continue to offer the local community and visitors to experience the island's unique cuisine , using local feedstock materials .

Today Glossiotissa operates among other things , the revival of customs with a strong island item. It also organizes social events with the tradition of the island ( glossiotikos weddings, banquets , folk festivals , etc. ) and catering to events conference data within and outside the island .

Women of Glossa village invite you to enjoy all the local delicacies , living a few or many days in the beautiful place and spend your holiday tasting unique flavors .

The cooperative prepares traditional sweets : hamalia and rozedes ( sweets that are based in marzipan ) , sweets ( almond , plum and fruit each season ) , jams and sweets.

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