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Rigas Hotel

Rigas Hotel Skopelos, Skopelos Chora

Skopelos Pool Hotel


A Journey Through Time and Nature: Rigas Hotel Skopelos

Delve into the heart of Skopelos, in the captivating Chora, and you'll encounter Rigas Hotel Skopelos. This historic haven, recognized by Hotel Plan and Tripadvisor, sits nestled amidst an olive grove, just 400 meters from the picturesque harbor. Its architecture seamlessly blends with the island's traditional style, creating a harmonious haven.

Travel back in time as you wander the charming cobblestone alleys of Chora. Discover traditional taverns serving local delicacies, historical museums, medieval churches, and the imposing Venetian castle.

Rigas Hotel Skopelos is the perfect choice for families seeking comfort and connection with Skopelos' natural beauty. It boasts 78 rooms, studios, and apartments, all fully equipped with modern amenities. Some even feature private outdoor pools, offering a unique relaxation experience.

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