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Skopelos Cycling

Skopelos Cycling Rentals

Panagiotis Provias , Skopelos Chora, near the post office, 37 003

Phone number: 00302424022398

Mobile: 00306947023145


skopelos cycling Skopelos Bicycles rentals bike rentals in Skopelos Panayiotis Provias ,

Bike Rentals . The idea is simple. Enjoy Skopelos on a bicycle .

Work your way around the island and you will be rewarded with beautiful views, smells and sounds .

Our aim is to provide you the means to do so in the most efficient and enjoyable way.

You can choose between a variety of bicycles the one that suits your needs.

All our bikes come with accessories like helmet,lock, lights, pump, spare tubes etc.

We make sure that the bike you will hire will be in the best possible condition, so you will only have to worry about working your way around the island , although the best way is to get lost!

Cycling tours

We also love to cycle and we can take you with us!

Join our MTB tours and find the treasures of Skopelos!

Visit us and we can find the right tour for you. Chilling and easy to epic and hard, day or night!

You will be guided by cycling enthousiast with love for the island.


You travel with your bicycle or you live and cycle on Skopelos?

Give to your bicycle the treatment it deserves!

At Skopelos cycling bike shop we will service your bike and make it feel like new again.

Our dedication and the variety of quality spare parts will ensure that you will get the best for your bike.

Bicycle sales and accessories

Time for a new bike?

Choose a new or a used one out of our stock, or we can order the bike that suits you!

A variety of cycling accessories is here for you to choose from and we will be happy to help you find what you need.


Panagiotis Provias


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