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Skopelos Agricultural Products : Historical Background . It is a story yet, with Roio , daughter of the King Stafilos that looks exactly like the story of Zeus and Danae . The Roio pregnant to avoid the anger of the old man , went to Euboea island , gave birth to a son, Anio , which became a clairvoyant , and had three daughters Dorippi Oino , Spermo , elaida and those protect and we learned the oil cereals and wine ... ( excerpted from Greek Mythology Nikos Tsiforos )

The Skopelos products

The products are famous from very old . The islanders even take them outside Skopelos in other parts of Greece and abroad , manufacture their own ships and manned.

It is characteristic that the Skopelos island on 18th century had 35 sailing boats ( a total of 615 across the country ) while held between the other 27 municipalities nautical 6th place (after Hydra 120 boats, Psara 60 ships, 60 ships Spetses , Galaxidi 50 ships and 40 ships Crete ) . Note that when the revolution was declared in 1821 , the merchant navy turned into a revolutionary force .

Agricultural Products today

The products of Skopelos So many and many delights . You will find several of these products on the island ( most often directly from the producers ) and you can buy them if you wish. There are also some shops selling products directly from their owners as eg Mr Lemon, Ms Lena , Ms Skopelitissa . Every August and a showroom in the old port.

The island is a blessed place that offers every kind of fruit tree , chestnut, fig , almond , lemon , orange Ms . Also green herbs , and Kritama tzitzirafa , wild asparagus and mushrooms (note not all are suitable for human consumption )

The sea offers fresh fish , Illex squid , lobsters , and all sorts of fish.

The land of Skopelos generously offers many nutritional products of high value and taste.


The basic products:

Olive oil and olives

The inhabitants of the island every year or second year depending on the region of the island , from November to January collect precious fruit of the trees.

The oil produced at 2 mills of the island are of excellent quality and low acidity really great both in quality and in taste , aroma and color.

The islanders every home using Olives and make green , with fennel , push lock , thyme and vinegar xidates which are not missing any time from any table .

In the last few years, guided tours have been organised in order to get to know the step of the olive oil production process, as well as you are able to taste and even buy the olive oil. The "Antoniou" olive press museum and Factory in Glossa village of Skopelos offers this possibility. More Details about Antoniou Family olive press museum and factory.

The Women's Cooperative Agro of Glossa

A beautiful initiative and action of life , The Women's Cooperative Agro Glossa Skopelos continues the tradition by preparing traditional products, by-products of wine as grape , molasses , jelly and ritselia but Skopelitian pies and bread .


In 1999 , 24 female from Glossa village of Skopelos decided to unite and establish a women's cooperative in order to manufacture and promotion of local traditional dishes of Skopelos .

The cooperative prepares traditional sweets : hamalia and rozedes ( sweets that are based in marzipan ) , sweets ( almond , plum and fruit each season ) , jams and sweets .


The Plums of Skopelos

The famous Skopelos prunes were sought after by then flooded the market and even cheaper type Skopelos produced elsewhere and imported . It is sad that today because of tourism development plums Skopelos gone by the wayside after a few longer involved in their production .

Plums Skopelos divided into three types: avgato (in sweets and jams ) , sour ( in cooking and jams ) , and the famous French variety , which was transferred to the island hidden in a potato.


Fortunately, in recent years, more and more residents of the island have been involved in the production of Plums.

The famous Plums which are used either fresh or dried for cooking but are eaten even uncooked. The yellow plums are used by the residents for the Sweet "Avgato" in spoon sweets and for jams. The residents use sour plums for jam, but also for cooking and in jams.

In Skopelos will encounter plums everywhere: along with the cooked meat, desserts , dried in ovens and cooperatives , as well as liqueurs.

Skopelos honey

The island producers create their own honey , exceptional quality and taste .

The Aleppo pine and biodiversity of the island clean environment and other factors create all necessary conditions for the above.

Honey Stamatiou is one of the island's traditional products with a tradition since 1953 . There are many individuals on the island producing amazing honey.

The Skopelos cheese pie

The Skopelos cheese pie , with the characteristic shape of the spiral , goat feta but in recent years in other flavors like Ms. greens.

There on the island small family crafts ( eg Family Rantistis ) supplying the restaurants and cafes on the island , and the market will find it easily.

The better version will come to Michalis who will prepare you for that moment in various flavors .


Importance to savor a delicious cheese and olive oil has to be fried.

Skopelos soap

The secrets of making a handmade , traditional and natural soap hiding in the roots of the place and the people who created and saw the result and beauty on such a unique product .

The family tradition began when Grypiotis Stelios Grypiotis ( Grandfather 's current representative of the third generation of the family ) based on Skopelos , visiting with his son , the other Sporades ( Skiathos , Alonissos ) creating locally handmade soap , 100 % oil , the boiling method .

100 % Greek product is produced and packaged in handmade and traditional Skopelos with the same care since 1914.

Skopelos Sweets

The plum ( sweet avgato , chocolates plum ) , almond ( almond , porters rozedes ) , wonderful sweets ( with cherry , quince , bergamot , lemons , oranges Ms.

Myzithres and Feta Cheeses

Finest quality fresh cheese and goat feta. Feta cheese, is the most basic ingredient of Skopelos cheese pie.


In antiquity it was famous for its wine ( Peparithios wine Peparithos the ancient name of the island) . Unfortunately the 40ies was ravaging the vineyards of the epidemic fylloxeras . The viticulture and winemaking happily displays signs of recovery , as many locals start again and grow their own grapes and produce their own wine

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