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TRIBUTE TO THE CARNIVAL in Skopelos Carnival on Skopelos

The Halloween last three weeks before the Great Lent . Beginning Sunday Publican and Pharisee when we say that enters or opens the Triodio because of this Sunday begins the use of the Church ecclesiastical book " Triodion " and ending Sunday Shrovetide . The first week is called " arti - bourtsi" why not observed any fasting or Wednesday or Friday.

The second Sunday of the Prodigal Son is called " creatine " because eating meat is very often .

The Third Week of Sunday Kreatofagou (meat) until Tirofagou (Cheese) called " casein or white " why is eating cheese and dairy products in general .

The last two weeks everyone young and old children tend to amuse disguised turning from one house to the streets in neighborhoods . These are called Moutsounas disguised , masked due to the mask that they wear.

They tend to give little performances where found mimicking and satirizing various events of everyday life , human characters , even their fellow villagers ( the gypsy, the arkoudiaris , marriage , childbirth ) .

Most would say good but the most prestigious custom is the " Bramdes " . These scarves and wear good local costumes ( fustanellas , breeches , gowns era ) and many Tsaprazis silver . They go from neighborhood to neighborhood and sing the epic song " Vlachas " .

Ante na pame Vlacha sto pera kafene

Na se trataro Vlacha soumada kai argile ...

den thelo ti soumada oute ton argile

mon thelo ena loukoumi kai ena gliko kafe ...

The Bramdes gathered Sunday casein in the squares of the Panagia Papameletiou in Gyftorema , at Milous , Agios Ioannis and Christos (Skopelos Chora) in singing and dancing while their household Cairns custard pudding and plenty of wine .

Also on the same Sunday we find the custom of " Trata " in which masked scribbles 're up to pole a boat crossing the seine and from neighborhood to neighborhood saying jocular ( pirpaska ) improvising songs and teasing attendees . The mob followed the trawl with " trataraious " consists of all sorts of disguised costumes who sing , drink and and take as gift the rice pudding from housewives while at dusk this course leads to the beach where they will " fountaroun " sea trawl them . The celebration , however, and dances will continue in their homes until the early hours . This custom represents privateers formerly ravaged the Aegean islands and were in fear and terror of the inhabitants .

On Monday, which is called " Clean Monday " all islanders will stream in fields and on beaches to celebrate with dances and songs the start of a fasting period of Great Lent . This day eat seafood ( sea urchins , bubbles , mussels , barnacles ) roe or fish roe salad , pickles , lagana bread, olives , and drink plenty of wine . Indeed tend to form indigo in their forehead a cross in their ear and hang one strand fragrant hyacinths . The fun ends late at night when the groups split and wish a happy birthday and good Lent .

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