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Easter in Skopelos a wonderful time to find yourself in Skopelos TRIBUTE. Easter in Skopelos of so many churches and monasteries meets its real dimensions . The psalms of the liturgies of churches on Skopelos Chora resound around the village and its narrow streets . It is the time you come into contact with the divine as well as the rebirth of nature after the long winter . At a time like spring will be a real opportunity to escape from the daily and visit Skopelos.

The picturesque villages with their homes that are ready to accommodate you , and friendly people who are always willing to guide you to watch the solemn sequences of days .

Walks in the countryside where you will find a vast green mixed with a thousand scents of wildflowers and weeds. Your breath will be filled with the heady aroma of pine , enjoying the smells of nature.

And once you hit the Vespers bells the whole world will begin to gather in churches for the Bridegroom , the Twelve Gospels , the Epitaph .

Holy Week ( Megali Ebdomada )

The entire Holy Week has a devout character . In Skopelos the religious traditions with the popular perception of the divine Passion is closely tied . And ordinary inhabitants experience this intense bond.

On the Friday before Palm Sunday housewives begin to prepare your home ( distemper , cleaning , decorating ) for the big celebration . All day and evening chores to church to hear Behold the Bridegroom comes ... now ready to welcome him to their hearts .

Sunday will all go to church to get the tree branch Vagias distributed by the priest to put then on the icon of their home as a blessing

The girls who have recently become engaged will receive from the priest with his palm and pound who donated their mother in law .

Some of the goats will be sacrificed for the Easter table and will be purchased from the very first days of Holy Week . The groom will send a child to the slain bride accompanied by a crimson carnation. The Skopelos goat breed is one of the best in Greece and deserves to be discussed and for her.

Holy Thursday

On Holy Thursday morning crowd will go to church to commune with the Blessed Sacrament exposed before the holy passions. On the same day arrive and Skopelitan people that stay on other places who wish to relive the cultural and religious events on the island and to revisit their loved ones.

The evening of the same day at 4 parish churches of Skopelos will read the 12 Gospels and loyal devotion to islanders will see the culmination of sulfur Passion.

Holy Friday

By the afternoon of Holy Friday every parish with the participation of ordinary women young girls and other believers with reverence and an enviable aesthetic will decorate the Epitaph where the Body of Christ is placed.

The evening with candles in hand they sing in procession young and old, children Eulogies of Epitaph past the other three parishes to come together to spend almost from the promenade where visitors have the opportunity to enjoy this devout illumination with colorful lanterns and the dim light of candles

Holly Saturday

Holly Saturday . The grief leaves the faces of the faithful people. The Lord’s resurrection stepped death and gave life , the spring , the joy, the Love .

From early morning children handing out traditional buns in homes with red egg. And visit their grandmothers and grandfathers .

At midnight when the bells signify the housekeepers along with their families will enter the church to receive the Holy Light and hear the good news of the Resurrection to exchange wishes to give the kiss of Love and Peace and to crack their red eggs.

Christ is risen from the dead

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday . Day love joy and mirth reconciliation . Filled the countryside of the island of happy voices , songs , flowers , young men and women who run intoxicated by the scent of spring and the great feast .

By car you can cross the island from one end to and memorize these traditional scenes and moments . The joy of life , creation , family warmth , taking shape this day of Easter . Enjoy the serenity of the sea in the cool fragrant mountain breeze , the sweet chirping of birds.

Returning to town after all these snapshots might leave you a melancholy .... but it’ll be more nostalgia for anyone that lived here ..... in our hand is also to reclaim the Risen Christ through our tradition .

Text Constantinos Syros for Skopelos Web Site.

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