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Direct Contact

Christos Chrisofos

Skopelos island Greece, Raches, 37003


Tsoukalaria Studios Apartments Skopelos island Greece

Studio tsoukalaria , Skopelos island, Greece, Sporades islands, Aegean views to the north aegean , alonnisos and skopelos main village


The name of the region is associated with our family, and Pantelis Chrysofos, father of the owner, Skopelitan Potter worked in the area known for constructing pots in Skopelos (traditional jars etc).

We are located about 2.5 kilometers along the ring road of Skopelos from the port and about 500 meters on foot (for hikers in good condition) through the narrow streets of Skopelos Town.

The point that we have built our apartments offers magnificent views of the sea and the picturesque village that lies down below your veranda.

At your disposal:

The nearest beach is 600 meters Agios Konstantinos ( Glyfoneri ) beach and Glisteri beach 2 km.

The Studio is close to the peripheral road of Skopelos and you can also use alternative roads towards panormos, limnonari, and to have access to other beaches.

There is a parking space.

At the large and open spaces on different levels offering breathtaking views you will be able to use the barbecue, sit on the tables next to flowers and watch if you like television.

Meltemi wind (north aegean sea winds) will generally cool you as our island is cool.

Studio tsoukalaria , Skopelos island, Greece, Sporades islands, Aegean views to the north aegean , Alonnisos and Skopelos main village ( Skopelos Chora )

Τσουκαλαριά τοποθεσία Χάρτης . Tsoukalaria location map

Distance from ...

Skopelos port about 8-10 minutes by car through the peripheral road all around skopelos main village

Nearest beaches Agios Konstantinos and Glisteri beach while all the other beaches are just 5-20 min away, for example Stafilos is about 6 km.

near to whatever you might need

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