Skopelos Suggestions for Good Food Skopelos restaurants , selected restaurants , taverns, recommendations for fine dining in Skopelos.


And where to eat ... Food very good in Skopelos

  • Agnanti Restaurant

    Greek & International cuisine


    Glossa Village, Skopelos

  • Annas Restaurant



    Chora, Skopelos

  • Vaggelis Taverna o Vaggelis

    Grilled Meat Fish
    Greek cooking


    New Klima Village, Skopelos

  • Ouzeri Taverna Gialos



    Chora, Skopelos

  • Agnontas Korali ( Pantos )

    Fresh fish
    Lobster spaghetti


    Agnontas beach, Skopelos

  • Olivo restaurant

    Greek Mediteranean Kitchen


    Chora, Skopelos

  • Rodi Restaurant

    Greek recipes


    Chora, Skopelos

Proposals for Good Food

Skopelos restaurants, taverns, tavern, restaurant, ouzo and more in Skopelos,

  • at Perivoli,



    Tel: 00302424023758

  • in Agnontas in Korali (Pantos)

    for fresh fish and lobster spaghetti


    Tel: 00302424022407

  • at Rodi

     wonderful homemade flavors


    Tel: 00302424024601

  • at Agnanti

    Amazing environment and unique view


    Tel: 00302424033472

  • At Annas Restaurant

     At picturesque


    Tel: 00302424024734

  • at Olivo

     Beautiful Environment


    Tel: 00302424023209

at Limnonari Lemonis Evangelos | LIMONARI Tel: 00302424022242

In Magerako in the small Andrines | Panormos Tel: 00302424023106

At the AGIOLI restaurant at the Skopelos Village hotel | Skopelos Chora Tel: 00302424022517

at the ZOUPA restaurant | Skopelos Village Tel: 00302424024494

In Mousses on the coastal road Tel: 00302424024414

At Ampeliki on the coastal road Tel: 00302424022072

In Terpsis for grilled and chicken, | Stafylos Tel: 00302424022053

At the restaurant Stafylos | Stafylos beach

At Pavlos Agnondas beach| Agnontas Tel: 00302424022409

At Vangelis restaurant | New Klima village Tel: 00302424024238

at the Captain Spyros restaurant | Skopelos New Klima Village, Hovolo Tel: 00302424033302

in AKTAION of Prodromos and Stelios | Skopelos Chora Tel: 00302424022239

in Alexander in the center of Chora  (just above OTE), | Skopelos Chora

at MOLOS,  (where you will try both traditional and homemade food) | Skopelos Chora Tel: 00302424022551

in Kimmata, | Skopelos Chora

In the Kitchen of Kyratsos in the old port, in the restaurant of the Kosmas family Tel: 00302424023184

in Nostos | Skopleos Chora Tel: 00302424024818

In Finikas | Skopelos Chora | Tel: 00302424023247

In Peparithos | Skopleos Chora Tel: 00302424023670

In Yiannis, (Beltzenitis) in Panormos Tel: 00302424024238

Thomas in the Limnonari | Limnonari Tel : 00302424024460

as well as many other notable restaurants on the island and ouzo ( Gialos 00302424022366 , at Dimitraki , Apolafsis, La tana, Milos,Karidia etc , 00302424022868 Linarakia and other restaurants in the area , Agios Konstantinos Stella 00302424023143) , Pizza by the meter , etc , pizza , pancake , souvlaki grill and many other restaurants also at Panormos and Loutraki ( FLOISVOS 00302424033856 , ALMYRALI 003024240 ) , Milia and Skopelos and Glossa .

Definitely go to MICHAEL MICHALIS on Skopelos for the best cheese pie .

Very good pizza and burger in Gousto Tel : 00302424024554 and hand made pies and sweets in Kanela and at Rosemary.

You should definitely book a table in Terspis ( on the way to Staphylos , tel 00302424022053 for booking ) which will test the unique chicken with the secret recipe of the filling and the sauce that comes with it .

And of course do not forget to try pecan pie and avgato , traditional sweets that are juicy plum - is the reputed Skopelitan - plums in light syrup which you will find in many stores in Skopelos eg Kohilis Bros in Skopelos, AMBROSIA ( for donut and not only ) , the Gikas the Skopelitissa , Mrs Lena and many other.

If you eventually find yourself in some of the places that we suggest you liked and tell a good reason for us. if you have any suggestions just send it to us by email.

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