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Sailing in the region of Northern Sporades ( Skiathos Skopelos Alonissos Skyros and Alonnisos Marine Park ) , will surely be a lifetime experience for those like sailing .

Sporades islands

The mainland Magnesia and majestic Pelion , Skiathos , Skopelos , Alonissos , Skyros , Northern Evia , Halkidiki , Alonnisos and Northern Sporades Marine Park with deserted islands and dozens of other smaller enchanting islands with more than 150 magnificent beaches accessible.

Picturesque villages , good food , dreamy green ... 1002 and other reasons will make you love this beautiful area of our beautiful country .

The winds ( especially the summer winds ) in the Northern Sporades compared with Cyclades are more mild . Even if prevailing northerly winds you can watch the weather to sail your ships in the South West and East coasts of the islands where you can enjoy sheltered bays and beaches .

With your own private boat or charter boats and leases

Many charters start from Volos Chalkidiki but also from more distant places and available sailing boats and established at the islands of Skiathos , Skopelos and Alonissos offer day trips or even chartering . Even on the island is also possible to rent a boat .

Sailing Games in Skopelos

The island has a tradition of organizing sailing racing National and global ( eg Aegean Regatta) and every year will certainly organized a sailing race with entries from all over Greece and abroad .

The yacht club Skopelos

On the island there is active the Nautical Sailing Rowing Club Skopelos N.I.K.O.S where people in the group will be able to advise you on all your needs .

The NAUTICAL SAILING SWIMMING SKOPELOS GROUP : A group which aims to symmetrical and harmonious development of physical and psychic powers and skills of members - athletes and creating strong characters with the use of seafarers sailing and swimming sports and the organization of conferences, festivals , excursions , camps etc.

Sailing and Marine Tourism in Skopelos

4 anchoring and ports (Skopelos Chora, Loutraki port of Glossa , Skopelos New Klima and Agnondas ) .

As for now Skopelos , the island has a well equipped marina in Skopelos and numerous binding sites for sailing boats of all sizes to large sailing yacht.

Organized marina there in New Klima Skopelos.

Also mooring and harbor at Loutraki Glossa and picturesque Agnontas .

Many beaches and natural coves for anchorage ( eg Blo Panormos, Stafilos, Limonari and in general to all the beaches ) .

On the island you will find everything you need for your boat , ice , fuel , food and even mechanical assistance.

Those of you who have inflatables, on the island there are 2 sliders at the port of Skopelos , Agnondas one slide , one slide at Neo Klima, Skopelos , one slide in Loutraki Skopelos.

On the slide beneath the Tower Panayitsa there electrical worker .

Happy holidays.

Port Services:

Skopelos Port Station : 00302424022180
Harbour Station Glossa ( Loutraki ) : 00302424033033
Harbour Station Alonissos : 00302424065595
Port Skiathos : 00302427022017
Port of Volos : 00302421038888
2nd Regional Hellenic Coast Guard : 00302421038626
Harbour Station Saint Sunday (Trikeri ) : 00302423091400
Lighthouse Gourouni Glossa : 00302424033529
Lighthouse Psathoura : 00302424022546
Port Authority Kimi : 00302222022606
Harbour Station St. Agios Constantinos : 00302235031759

Weather forecasts and useful links

National Observatory of Athens WEATHER STATION SKOPELOS ( with the supervision and custody of Link :

Useful links to weather forecasts :
National Weather Service CMH :
National Observatory of Athens Weather meteo:
Current weather Greece : metar:
Camera Skopelos Skopelos Web Cam:
The Yacht sailing club Skopelos

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