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GENERAL INFORMATION - GEOGRAPHY. Skopelos is the capital of the island group of Northern Sporades, and the second largest island in the group (following Skyros).

Geographically, Skopelos belongs to the Prefecture of Magnissia, administratively to the Periphery of Thessaly, while ecclesiastically to the see of Halkida. Its population is about 4.960 ( 2011 data ) permanent residents.

Geographically, Skopelos is in the Central – North-West Aegean sea, east of Pilion and north of Evia. 

 It has a very intense coast line with a perimeter of 67 kilometers, an area of 95.8 sq. km, a maximum length of 17 km and width of 8 km. The island has a mountainous terrain, with its highest peak Delphi (680 m.) and Palouki (566 m.).


Its coasts are rocky and the largest gulf formations are the bays of Skopelos –with the main port of the island- Agnontas (second port of the island, used by passenger ships when weather conditions are bad and the ships cannot approach the northern port of Chora) and Panormos. 

The most important capes of the island are Gourouni (NW), Myti (SW), Velona (S), capes Galipa and Kiourto (opposite the islet of Ag. Georgios), cape Stafylos (SE) and capes Stavros, Kalogeropetra and Sarantakopo along the north-east coasts of the island. Among the islets close to the coast, one can pick out Dassia, Paximada, Stroggylo and Agios Georgios.

Apart from the town of Skopelos –Chora, the island also has three beautiful villages, Glossa with its port, Loutraki, Palio Klima and Neo Klima (Elios).

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