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A short greeting. As a young person originating, grown up and knowing this land since I was a small boy, please allow me to take you on a journey around this beautiful island in the best possible way. It is a unique land that is the small paradise we all seek.

Since 1999, I have tried, via Skopelos Web, to ease as much as possible your access to the beauties, the accommodation and the services on the island. It is only with your support and the help of many fellow citizens that I have been able to reach such a good result, and we are continuing for more.

What counts above all is our communication and your positive response to this effort of ours to create the most beautiful digital neighbourhood of Skopelos on the Internet ...

Beautiful locations, enchanting coasts, caves, blue waters, pines, picturesque houses and chapels, lively neighborhoods, these are some of the images that the island of Skopelos offers unsparingly, and it is these images that I have in my head and I want to share with you.


Remember only that an unforgettable vacation depends on us, and unfortunately we can come across many negative things on holiday, but with a little positive disposition we must not allow anybody to ruin our moments of unconcern.

So continue your tour through our pages with a traveling mood; there are many people who have worked with a great deal of love for this result, and I thank them kindly.

I would like to thank Maria Kafantari for original texts, the translator Vassilis Paraskeva for the translations into English, Costas Syros, Papa Costas Kallianos, Mrs. Kiki Triantaphyllis and especially my sister Christina Chatzitrakosa.

I also thank everyone else who helped in this effort to introduce you to our island and make you love it, because personally I do not want you to feel like tourists, but like visitors to our island.

Yiannis Chatzitrakosas


When you decide to visit our island, we hope you find our information on how to get here and where you can stay very useful.


we will ask you when you are on the island to respect its beauties and to love it as if it were your own island, because that is how you feel when you are in Skopelos.


Whatever you need we are here and you can contact us from the Contact field at the bottom of the page (only for information and not for reservations).

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