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LOUTRAKI, GLOSSA . Loutraki is the first port of Skopelos; This is usually where the ships and flying dolphins stop when coming from Skiathos, Volos or Ag. Konstantinos, and then continue their trip towards the port of Skopelos.

Selinous, the third ancient city of Skopelos, was there, founded by the people of Chalkis in the 8th c. BC. The only part saved of the ancient city is a part of the south-east walls of the 5th – 4th c. BC, and remains of an ancient building of the same era.


From time to time engraved tombstones, small marble statues, Hellenistic and Roman inscriptions and graves have been found in house foundations.

South-East of Loutraki there are remains of Roman Baths, which current Loutraki owes its name to. In 1865, a marble statue of Athena was found in the area, a copy of the Feidias’ Virgin Athena, which is in the National Archaeological Museum in Athens, as well as other findings which are in the Archaeological Museum of Volos.

Near the beach of Loutraki there is the Byzantine Temple of Ag. Nikolaos, which looks over the sea and protects our sailors.


The church of Agios Nikolaos is founded on an old 7th c. Byzantine temple. On the inside one can see the ruins of its walls and parts of the marble parapet and temple ..


In Loutraki you will find many accommodations, cafes and restaurants. There is also an organized marina for yachts and a slides.

It has a beach both along the port and another one in Katakalou.

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