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You can contact Skopelos Web Site , from the contact section on the footer of the page, to answer you direct and privately to any question you might have about our island.


On Skopelos is there any camping site


Also, for those who wish to spend your vacations camping on Skopelos, you must know that there is no organised camping area on Skopelos.


on the island is it possible to have access to wireless networks


You can access the internet on the island via wi-fi at almost all cafeterias, for those who want to check their emails and not only.In most parts of the island there is connectivity to the internet. Most cafes and restaurants on the island but also and many accommodations that have internet connections they will share for you normally for free of charge their password for wi-fi. On Skopelos the mobile companies COSMOTE, VODAFONE and NOVA provide 4G network. At the port of Skopelos there is a free network from the Municipality of Skopelos that you can use in specific points. On Skopelos chora at the end of the old port there is an internet cafe.


on Skopelos island are they any water sports or diving centers


For those that love personal scuba diving (with breathing gear), unfortunately this is forbidden by law on Skopelos but generally on Alonnissos and the Northern Sporades, as there is a multitude of antiquities and ancient shipwrecks in these areas. On Skopelos they are available organised scuba diving schools and diving centres ( more details on Skopelos Activities ). Till then, I do not believe that any person would want to risk being charged with antiquities smuggling, following the path of many in the past who were led to justice. So, yes to diving, but avoid organize scuba diving. Whatever the case, you can contact the Skopelos port authority at 00302424022180 for any developments in the matter that I am not aware of.

Water sports on the island are available at the beach Milia and at Adrina hotel. Additionally there is the possibility of renting jet skis, boats and bicycles. For more information check the section Activities on Skopelos.


How many volts is the voltage in Greece


The voltage of the electricity is 220 V. It would be good if you travel from abroad and from places where you have another voltage, to have the voltage converters with you. On the island you will definitely find similar devices as there are shops with electrical items (as the island has organized businesses around the field of construction and equipment)

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