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Skopelos Map of the island


Skopelos Map .PDF

Skopelos Maps


We have prepared for you a map of Skopelos depicting the beaches, villages and the main roads of the island.

On the island you can get free maps from the Skymap but you can purchase at the shops more detailed maps of skopelos and especially those interested in trails of the island.

The island is very small and the roads are easy so you will not face any problem in finding the sights and areas that you are interested in.

You can save or print the skopelos map in order to take it with you on your journey to our island.

To view, print, or download the map in high resolution (.pdf file about 503 KB) you can click here on the Map icon. PDF (OPENING IN A NEW WINDOW then close that window to return to this point) and from there save the print.

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