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MAMMA MIA Skopelos Island Kalokairi island of MAMMA MIA movie is Skopelos . MAMMA MIA Skopelos .


The very successful movie of Hollywood and Universal Studios with the wonderful songs of ABBA and amazing actors , Mamma Mia was filmed in Greece in Skopelos , Skiathos and Damouhari Pelion .

Many visitors to our island , request information about the locations where the movie MAMMA MIA was filmed.


Therefore, apart from the information you will read you will be able to see our photos that were taken during the filming in Skopelos.


The main filming took place in Skopelos ( church wedding is Agios Ioannis in Castri , the beach is Kastani , View from the house is at the area nisi Glisteri , Amarantos Agnondas , Milia , Skopelos and other points.

The shooting took place in August and September 2007 ( the shooting lasted seven days with preparations to last for more than 3 months) .

Filming took place in the same period for 3 days and at the neighboring island of Skiathos and also lovely and well-known actors, producers and players enjoyed the beauties of Skiathos both before and after the shooting .

With a mission of about 210 people on small islands .


Skopelos hosted the majority of Greek filming .

After nine weeks of filming at Pinewood Studios, the unit moved to Greece, where it was first filmed on the island of Skiathos for three days. (shooting at the old port and the church of Agios Nikolaos).


Then, the shooting was transferred to Skopelos for 7 days and, finally, to the mainland in beautiful Pelion in beautiful Damouchari for five days.

All areas were identified after extensive research and Skopelos, Skiathos and Damouchari were selected from 21 Greek islands, and the main criterion was the enchanting green (as the producers wanted the film to have a green landscape).

The following scene was shot between Milia and Kastani, while in the film it continues in other locations of our island.


The locations of filming in Skopelos

The Beach Kastani

The beach Kastani, with the turquoise waters and the surrounding sea area of Milia beach. Kastani is the beach of the movie where Tanya sings Does Your Mother Know, where Sophie and Sky love singing Lay All Your Love on Me and where Donna and dads goodbye Sophie and Sky I Have a dream.

In Kastani beach during the film was placed a wooden pier which was removed immediately after the end of filming, the bar scene is also not there , (the beach has now an organized beach bar Kastani)


Nisi Glisteri

In the area you will only be able to just enjoy the view (the arched entrance was a set that was built temporarily). The point offers a superb sunrise ... The mountainous peninsula near the beach Glisteri ( Nisi Area ( Glisteri ) Skopelos ) , was the point of departure for the wedding of Sophie.

Close to beach Glisteri So in Skopelos Island was the supposed entrance to the Villa Donna ( you will be able to see only the views as the rest were scenes that were adapted to the landscape in the studios of Pinewood).

In a piece of film magic of effects of Pinewood Studios and the landscape of the island blended seamlessly .


The dancing Dancing Queen starts in the bedroom of Villa Donna and opens to the courtyard (both scenes were filmed at Pinewood), then extended to outside the Villa Donna ( the arch in Glisteri Skopelos Island ) .


The trail continues to the port - in the olives and ends at the port where the scenes were filmed in the romantic town of Damouhari in Mouresi along the coast of eastern Pelion in mainland Greece

Agios Ioannis sto Kastri (Saint John at the castle) ... on the north side of Skopelos ...

The beautiful wedding scenes were filmed in the church of Agios Ioannis sto Kastri in Skopelos ( about an hour from the town of Skopelos , north of Glossa village ) , where Donna sings The winner takes it all on Sam.

The chapel for weddings Sky and Sophie ( filmed at Pinewood) was on top of a 100m cliff formation that juts out into the sea (in Agios Ioannis area)

Saint John Kastri , situated near the village of Glossa, on the north side of the island of Skopelos.

The church has about 100 steps, which are carved into the rock and leading to the entrance of the picturesque church.

For the needs of outdoor filming became a ” reconstruction ” with sets and added walls at the chapel as we see in the film that was designed based on the church of Agion Panton , the small church which is located in front of Panagitsa tou Pirgou at the edge of Skopelos harbour .


Filming on Skopelos been undertaken in other locations like Milia Agnontas and wonderful Amarantos ( a worth visiting point especially during sunset ) and other places.

A Cliff near the top of this peninsula on wonderful Amarantos, also is the spot where Sophie, the Bill, Harry and Sam sang parts Our Last summer, before jump from the rocks in the water .


The locations of filming in Skiathos

Sites that were shooting in Skiathos is the old harbor near the picturesque Bourtzi ( the scene with the boat at the start of the film ) and the scene running to reach the boat that would take them to the neighboring island of KALOKAIRI for the needs of the film ( Skopelos ) .

All beach shops had to adjust their housing and seats reminiscent of earlier times , which delighted everyone did and attended many islanders and visitors to the shooting .

Filmed and Agios Nikolaos where the actress ( daughter ) Amanda Seyfried sends letter to invite the three prospective fathers to her wedding.

The locations of filming in Pelion

Pelion were shooting for two days in Damouhari Mouresi in the picturesque harbor (where the scene ends of the Island ( Glisteri Skopelos ) down to the harbor to the song Dancing Queen and where Meryl Streep does a dive from the platform .


It is assumed that Skopelos, Skiathos and Pelion made the film look very attractive with their natural beauty but also the producers , actors and players loved it ( as it was tiring for them to work .

Do not relied upon in bad articles occasionally for unknown reason has been written for both islands of Skopelos and Skiathos , that the islands took advantage of the film ( except in rare cases) or that changed radically tourist is not the case and will understand that from your visit .

Skopelos years now has its own pace of development, Skiathos island its own fierce pace , the beautiful Alonissos its own also. The same goes for the beautiful Pelion .

The indisputable advantage is that the movie attracts new visitors in these small islands , which is only positive for all locals and visitors .

Guests should be aware that the islands beyond the film are themselves unique as every Greek island each with its own natural beauty and many others and should be enjoyed as they can and as their fortunes allow setbacks holiday.

Something very nice also is that more and more people from Greece and all over the world decide to make their wedding or to renew their vows of love on the islands ( something that happened before the film but now occurs to be more often) .

So happy holidays , with the mood of the film, Mama mia on lush , picturesque and beautiful Skopelos.

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