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Stafylos is also an extremely important archaeological site, as here there is saved the most ancient to date evidence of population on the island, which date back to the Mycenaean era.

On the rocky peninsula, there may have been a settlement of that time, while excavations in 1936 by professor N. Platonas revealed the famous Mycenaean grave with the golden sword handle, which is kept in the Archaeological Museum of Athens.


Σκόπελος αρχαίο νόμιμα ΠΕΠΑ δελφίνι και άνθρωπος

A recent excavation in the same place confirmed the presence of population during archaic years.

In the Skopelos countryside, isolated monuments proving the productive activities of the ancient societies of Peparithos are continuously brought to light.

In Stafylos, Agnontas and Panormos, they have located extended plants for the production of local pots, which were used for the trading of the well-known peparithos wine in classical and Hellenistic years.

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