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After the Mycenaean era, there is a gap of several centuries, for which our knowledge is limited, to the ancient years (6th – beginning of 5th c.), which is a period of prosperity for Peparithos.

During this period, Peparithos cuts silver coins and creates commercial relations with other town-states of the Aegean. It exports the famous Peparithos wine and local olive oil of very good quality.


The island also participates in Olympic games. Indeed, in 569 BC, Agnon, an athlete from Peparithos, won in the event of stadio (race), and to honour him, the Bay of Agnontas was given his name.

Residents from Peparithos had even dedicated a statue of God Apollo to the Delphi oracle, because they had beat the Kares in a battle.

After the Persian wars, Peparithos loses its independence and comes under the 1st Athenian Alliance.

In 427 BC, according to a testimony from historian Thucydides, Skopelos was struck by a great earthquake, followed by a dreadful tidal wave, which brought down many public buildings. Then, following a short spell of Spartan rule, it comes under the 2nd Athenian Alliance.

Αρχαία νομίσματα Πεπαρήθου Σκοπέλου
Πεπάρηθος ΠΕΠΑ αρχαία νομίσματα
Αρχαία νομίσματα Σκοπέλου Πεπάρηθος
Σκόπελος Πεπάρηθος Αγνώντας
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