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The Episcope complex –a Venetian building- with its single-aisled Basilica inside, was destined for headquarters of the Skopelos Episcopate, but it remained half-finished due to the raid of pirate Barbarosa(in 1538).

It was founded at the end of the 16th or beginning of 17 century, on the remains of a large three-aisled Byzantine Basilica, which was built on the remains of an early Christian church, which in turn had been built on an ancient temple.

In the church one can see the inscriptions in the walls, but also the ancient relief with the date the Byzantine triune Basilica was built in 1078, dedicated to the Virgin Mary, Agios Nikolaos and the 12 Apostles.


In 1949 it was bought by the Dimitriadis brothers, and with the aid of professor A. Xiggopoulos, excavations were made, revealing the findings that are on show today in the area of the Episcope.

You will find it open on August 23, the date of its celebration, where the place opens for a wake, and is followed by a festival.


Besides its celebration day, services and private masses take place there.

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