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The carved graves in Sentoukia. I visited Sentoukia when I was very young. I had heard many stories about hidden treasures in the cliffs reaching down to the sea. Could these be true?


Nobody knows, but what we know for sure is that there are four unique ancient carved graves, possibly of the Roman or early Christian period.


They are on the mountain Karya of Skopelos (just above the monastery of Agios Efstathios).


Two of the graves are parallel and they are separated by a third one which is half-finished and another that is parallel to the three, two metres away.

The three completed graves have 2,5 m. covers of monolith slates and they were found upside down, a sign of despoilment.

You will reach them along the dirt track towards Karya (where there is a spring with the best water on the island).

You will see many signposts. Suddenly, the road stops, you leave your car or motorbike (I suggest motorbike) and following the several red signs on the stones next to the path, you will reach the graves.

From there you will have the chance to see Alonnissos, Evoia, Skiathos and Pilio! If you are lucky, on a clear day you can see all the way to Chalkidiki and Olympus.

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